Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cookbooks are in!

I came up with a brilliant idea (ok I stole the idea from a friend who did this as a fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis a few years back)  to raise money for our adoption.  So I made up a cookbook and am selling them.  They turned out great.  We are hoping to sell 500 copies.  That will give us all the money we need for adoption.
We have had a great response so far.  The cookbooks finally came in yesterday and the selling now begins.  We had about 30 preorders that had prepaid and needed to be shipped.  I got those out in the mail yesterday and had the BEST conversation about adoption with the mail guy.  He was asking if I was from Arkansas because a ton of books were going there.  I explained to him that my sister in law and brother in law live there.  Then I went on to explain that in each package I was sending out a cookbook that I put together to raise money so that we could adopt a baby.  He then told me that he has three kids and his 2nd oldest and his wife adopted their 3 children.  They are using the same agency that we are and so we got to chit chat about adoption for a few minutes.  Let me just tell you that I LOVE talking about adoption.  It was never a topic that I avoided in the past but with it being so dear to our hearts I absolutely take every chance possible to let people know we are hoping to adopt and let them know how much we love adoption.  Im sure we will love it even more once we are placed with a baby.  So here is a picture of the cover of this amazing recipe book....

So after I sent off a ton of books at the post office, I went home to wait for Noah to get home from school.  At 4pm he had piano lessons.  It was such a nice day so I had my front door open and all my windows.  I was in my room folding up the tons of clothes that Chris left for me to fold (thanks honey) when I heard Noah's best friend Mason saying "knock knock".  I told him to come on in cause Noah was going to be home any minute plus Mason is like part of the family so he is welcome anytime.  He came in and was talking to me waiting for Noah to get home.  He then asked what all the boxes on my kitchen table were for.  I told him that I was selling cookbooks to raise money so we could get a baby.  He then gets a HUGE smile on his face and said "Noah and I can sell them around Wymount (our apartment complex)."  I told him that he could see if Noah wanted to and then needed to ask permission from his mom to do that.  His mom Sarah is my best friend too so of course she didn't mind.  I told the boys, "if you sell 10 books then I will take you to the BYU creamery this weekend for ice cream.  (it is the BEST ice cream and I didn't think they would sell 10  hahahaha)  So off they went.  At some point they added their friend Connor to the selling mix.  The boys came back about an hour later and had sold 15 books.  HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!  They needed more to sell.  I said "hey if you want go for it, yall are doing great."  They took off with more books.  They sold another 17 books in an hour.  Those boys are amazing.  It was so nice to see the excitement on their faces knowing that they were helping be part of the adoption process.  This is a story that we will definitely share with our birthmother and Noah's little brother or sister one day!


  1. Thanks for sharing your story! It made me cry! xoxo

  2. Super awesome!

    One question . . . do you think I could adapt the recipes to be Gluten Free? That is always a concern of mine since Miss K has Celiac Disease.

  3. Catherine, to be honest, I don't know. I have never cooked gluten free so Im not sure.