Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fundraising for our adoption

Adoption has become a HUGE part of our family over the past few years.  Chris and I want nothing more than to have a house full of kids, but the Lord has a different plan on how we are to get our children.  They may not grow in my tummy, but they will definitely grow in my heart.  With that being said, Chris and I have decided to raise some money for our adoption so that when we do get that special call, we can put our money to providing the best possible environment for our new addition.  How are we raising the money?????

COOKBOOKS!!!!!!!!  I have spent the past week collecting and typing up recipes to make into a cookbook as a fundraiser.  As it has been fun, it has also being a lot of work.  The cookbook will have 250 recipes.  We are selling them for $10.00 each and are hoping to sell 500 of them.  This will pay for a good portion of our adoption.  The books will be in the end of February!  The cookbook is called "Southern Cooking"  "Friends and Family Supporting Adoption"  It is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Adoption has blessed many families all over the world and we look forward to the blessing we will receive through this wonderful miracle.  Spread the word....Chris and Amy are hoping to Adopt!!!!

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