Our Adoption Story

Chris and I have been married for 6 years.  12 years ago I was blessed with a son.  Chris has stepped in as Noah's stepdad and has been remarkable.  Noah considers him to be his "dad".

 Chris and I wanted to start a family shortly after getting married in June of 2007.  After 2 years of not achieving a pregnancy we sought the help of doctors.  After numerous fertility treatments that failed we turned our focus to adoption.  

We could not be happier to be able to build our family through such a wonderful miracle.  We feel extremely blessed that our Savior Jesus Christ has so much trust in us that we would be able to care for a child who needs us.  Through this process we have learned that blood is not thicker than water.  It does not matter how your children are brought into your life it only matters what you make of the life and opportunities that you have been given.  The Lord never gives you anything that you cannot handle and I feel blessed that he feels that this is something that we can make it through.  

On August 25th our little miracle baby was born.  We were there when she was born and spent all our time at the hospital with Kaitlyn and her birthparents.  We were able to take sweet baby Kaitlyn home from the hospital.  Adoption is such a wonderful opportunity and we know that Kaitlyn was meant for our family!  We have a very open adoption where we can share pictures and milestones with Kaitlyn's birth family!  The best part of open adoption is that there are so many people who love you and you can't have too much of that!

And guess what.....WE ARE HOPING TO ADOPT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

WE LOVE ADOPTION!  Check out our adoption blog to learn more: