Friday, January 25, 2013

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

I love animals so one of my favorite things to do is go to the zoo.  Noah loves the zoo too and Kaitlyn had never been so we wanted to get her to the zoo to see all the animals.
Chris had the day off from work and Noah was out of school because of Martin Luther King Jr. day.  It wasn't that cold so we figured we would spend the afternoon checking out the animals.  One bad part was the Elephants were not there because they are redoing their living area but the rest was awesome.
 Kaitlyn almost got licked by the giraffe.  It was funny.  She just looked at them all bug eyed.
 That tongue is nasty looking!  Looked like a giant slug!  GROSS!
Noah was having a blast too.  He made us all go on the ski lift to the top of the mountain.  I actually did really well and didn't have a panic attack which is a miracle since I am terrified, not just scared, terrified of heights!
 The wonderful ski lift.  We ended up having to sing to Katerbuggs cause she didn't like it about half way up and half way down.  hahaha
 Noah really likes the Okapi's.  In 5th grade he did a report on them so he likes to tell us all about them each time we see them.  He is just so smart and I love it.
 Checking out all the monkey's.  They had a ton of them and we got to see one picking fleas off the other one.  Kind of gross!  
 Boogs (don't ask, that is just her nickname we ended up for her) fell asleep before we made it to the bears.  That is the only thing she missed.  No big deal cause when we go home to Virginia this summer we are going to the Richmond Metro Zoo so she will get to see some there.
And of course we had to stop at the gift shop.  Noah got a tube full of sugar, Kaitlyn got a "Goodnight Zoo" book, and then we bought a HUGE panda for the kids to share.  It was a great trip. 

I love that Chris works for the Army.  He gets all kinds of holidays off so we are able to spend a lot of time together...well until he deploys that is!

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