Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Pictures

Noah and I went out to look for some interesting places to explore. We found this one place that is so neat and it is on campus. We are going to bring Chris here soon to walk around and get more pictures. So I thought why not take my own fall pictures. So here are some of my fall pictures that I have taken. The weather here has been so nice so Noah has been able to still where shorts. Not sure how long that is gonna last. I have heard that it snows before Halloween sometimes.

The painting of the pumpkins

Noah and I painted our pumpkins! Noah painted 3 out of the 4 pumpkins. They look wonderful. I gave my pumpkin long eye lashes and huge red lips!!! Noah got to paint the big pumpkin and two of the small ones. Noah had to paint Chris' because Chris had to go into work so he didn't get to paint his pumpkin.


The pumpkin patch was a blast. We went to Heehaw Farms which is in Pleasant Grove about 30 mins from Provo. They had so much for kids to do. Noah loved it. We started off at the corn cannon. Noah shot that off a couple of times and then we were off to one of their 3 pumpkin patches to pick out a pumpkin. Noah had fun picking a big one. Then we went to the other activities that they had. They had all kinds of slides, a maze, swings, petting zoo, train and hay rides, corn box, and a whole bunch of other things. It was probably the best farm we have been to for picking pumpkins. Noah is still talking about how much fun he had.

McDonalds for Lunch

Here in Utah they have "Fall Break" this is very different than Virginia. I had to ask what the heck is "Fall Break" but here in Utah they start school in August so that is only fair. So the kids were out of school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Sarah and I wanted to take the kids out of the house for awhile. We went to McDonald's because they had an awesome play area. It was one of the neatest ones I have seen. The kids had lunch and then played for over an hour. They had so much fun and were able to get out of the house for a bit. Now I guess we will have to start planning what to do for Thanksgiving Break!!!!!!

Movies and Games with the Banks!!!!

The Banks Family and The Smith Family have become each others family. They are great. Sarah and I have become great friends. Both of our husbands are at school a lot and so we have each other to rely on. The other day Sarah watched Noah and I went to lunch with Chris and then she had a dinner to go to and so I watched her children. We had so much fun. The older kids played "Spongebob Life" and had a great time. Reina just hung out with me and Chris. Then they wanted to watch a movie Noah had gotten from the Library "Wizard of Waverly Place" they all loved it. I popped them popcorn and Reina is too small for popcorn so she had a bowl of mini Teddy grahams. They all enjoyed watching the movie and of course I had to get a picture of them playing. They are a great bunch of kids.

Lego Time!!

Noah loves to build things with legos. Every time we go to Wal-mart we have to check out the legos and see if he has enough allowance to buy a new set. The latest was a police motorcycle. Chris really gets into it too. They sat right there on the floor for over an hour and just built. They have so much fun doing that together. Noah is good at putting things together. When he was little he loved puzzles and now that he thinks he is grown we have moved up to legos. Whats next????

Chris is always finding neat places with amazing views. When he finds these things he loves to share them with me and Noah. This one particular day he found a neat area that he really wanted to show us. We had planned to go see if for days and never made it there. Finally we got time to where we could go and not be rushed. It was beautiful. It had a gazebo and an amazing view of Provo. We went at night so we could see lights all over the city. The building that it is behind was amazingly beautiful too. Noah and Chris played football for awhile and I just looked around and enjoyed the view. I love that Chris is so observant and finds neat places for us to explore.


Noah is doing good with wrestling so far. He is a good athlete but need to work on his listening skills. He really likes it and so far has only cried twice. That is good for him considering we have had four practices. Chris is working on making him tougher but that will take time. I made him into a sensitive guy and that is great but sometimes he needs to toughen up. Chris is doing a good job with that.

Cake anyone??????

Noah loves to help out in the kitchen. He is very helpful with washing the dishes and sometimes he like to help make stuff. Especially if it is something sweet. Before the Sunday Session of Conference started Noah and I baked a cake to have after dinner. He was such a big help. The cake was delicious!!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Noah thinks he can Date!!!!!!

Just thought this was cute and wanted to share it......Yesterday we went to the Wilkinson Building to pick Chris up from work. We got there a little early so Noah and I parked and cut the car off and rolled down the windows. Noah was sitting with his head hanging out of the window. Several times he called out "DAD" and of course I looked and it wasn't. Noah just likes to fool me. So then Noah says oh look mom there's my date for tomorrow night. What a goober. He is way too young to date and where does he get that from. He loves checking out all the college girls. I think he is too young but it is innocent so I won't complain too much. Just thought that was funny and wanted to share.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Conference Weekend

Wow!!!!!! Where do I begin. I just love Conference weekend. We had the awesome opportunity to attend the Saturday morning session at the Conference Center. None of us have had the experience so we jumped on the opportunity to get tickets. I have never felt the spirit so strong. The moment the Prophet walked into the room everyone stood and the room got completely silent. I was in total awe!!!!!!! The speakers were amazing. They announce 5 new temples to be built. That just shows how much the church is really growing. I am so grateful for the experience we were able to have today. Noah got to see the Prophet and the Apostles of the church. What a lucky little kid he is. I am 28 years old and have never had such an experience until now. He gets to have it at such a young age. I just want to let all of my family and friends know how grateful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful to have a living Prophet on the earth today to guide and direct us. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true Prophet. I know that Joseph Smith restored the church to the earth. I know that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon so that we could have the fullness of the gospel on the earth. I am so grateful to be a part of this great work and know that we have it on the earth because we have a loving Heavenly Father who wants us to return to live with him again. I am so grateful for temples and the opportunity we have to be Eternal Families. I am so grateful to live so close to a temple where I can go often. I love this gospel and hope that we all will know how great this gospel really is.

BYU vs Utah State

We went to our first football game this past Friday night. It was great. Noah thought it was so cool. It wasn't too cold but enough to were we needed a coat and Noah and Chris needed their beanies. Luckily I have hair to keep my ears warm. We had never been to a game before so it was neat how they had the "Cougar" sounds and the band was great. Noah really liked the Cheerleaders. He kept telling me that he thought they were really good and that they were REALLY PRETTY!!!! I think he told me how pretty they were about a million times. Not quite sure I am ready for all that. He also told me he wanted to be one of the guy cheerleaders. I, of course, told him "no you don't". He told me yes he did. That way he could be good friends with all the hott cheerleaders. Oh well I am sure he will get over wanting to be a cheerleader. At least I hope he does. I hope that we get to attend more games. We had a blast.


Noah started wrestling this week. He started on Thursday and it ends the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Him and his friend Mason will be wrestling together. Sarah and I are not sure if that is a good idea or not. Hopefully they will leave it at practice or else they will be in deep trouble. I am hoping not to find them out on the playground wrestling each other. Noah has wanted to wrestle for a while now. Last year I signed him up and when we went for the first practice we found out that all the meets were on Sundays. We don't participate in activities like that on Sundays so we had to quit. Noah was so upset. Luckily we now live in Utah and they don't do things like that on Sunday. I am hoping that Noah will have fun with this and make new friends.

Wymount Opening Social

Every year our apartment complex has an "Opening Social". Because there are so many new people each year they have this event to get to know your neighbors and just have fun as families. It was a lot of fun. Noah got his face painted and decorated cookies. They had tug of war contests between different buildings. Hot Dogs, Chips, Cotton Candy, and much more. They had a train ride and different games and a huge blow up bouncy thing. Noah had a blast. Him and Chris loved doing the dunking booth. Noah has a great arm. It was such a beautiful day and a lot of people showed up. I love how everything around here is so family oriented.

Mommy/Noah date!!!!

Noah and I love to spend time together. For a long time it was just me and Noah so now that I have married Chris we don't get a lot of time just the two of us. Chris has to work every Saturday afternoon from 4-7pm so that is when Noah and I get our "DATE" in. A couple of weeks ago Noah and I went bowling. It was a lot of fun. Noah loves to bowl...I love to have an excuse to but up the bumpers so it works out great. Noah found the handicap thing so he used that to roll his ball instead of just throwing it. LAZY!!!!!!!!!! He had the best time with it and so I just let him do it. After that we played some of the games they had there. Noah did one where you had to throw the football in the hole. As he is doing it he is repeating scenes from Napoleon Dynamite.....Chris would be so proud. Then we played a game of air hockey. I smoked him. It was so much fun. I look forward to many more dates with my little man!!!