Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trip to the ER and down some stairs...

Kaitlyn is finally ready to start eating some baby food.  We have been trying her with it since she was about 4 1/2 or 5 months old.  Each week we would introduce a new food.  We started with squash and then went to Hawaiian delight (because her dad loves that stuff), gave her apples, and then introduced BANANAS!  Well miss Kaitlyn loves her some bananas but they don't like her so much.  She broke out in a rash all over her face.  Nothing serious but she needed to be seen by a Dr.  The Dr's office was closed so I asked Chris if he would take her to the ER while I took Noah to his Scout Court of Honor.  Noah was getting some awards so we didn't want to miss it and like I said Kaitlyn was fine just wanted to get a Dr's opinion.
I think Kaitlyn was just happy to be naked.  She loves to only wear her diaper and loves it even more when you take it off for bathtime and diaper changing time.  She is too funny!

Noah did great at his Court of Honor.  He lead the flag ceremony and got several awards.  He is such a great scout and he loves it.  So on our way out the back of the church we noticed it started snowing, bad!  We walked out the back of the church and well...I slipped down several stairs and bruised my butt pretty bad.  Luckily no one saw but Noah.  He got a good laugh out until he realized I was really hurt.  We hurried to the car so I could get out a good cry.  My butt was bruised really bad and I had a rough time for about a week or two afterward.  It was horrible.  Good new though is that Kaitlyn was fine and Noah got tons of awards.

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