Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Miracles do happen

As most of you know, we have been blessed so much within the past week!  I want to share our families experience this past week.  Last Thursday we got a text that our little baby was going to come via c-section on Saturday August 25th.  Chris had just gotten home on Wednesday from BOLC and our movers came on Thursday and Friday.  After the movers left on Friday we headed out to Las Vegas where our baby girl was going to be born.  We had a super fun trip.  We ended up staying in a pretty sketchy area for the night so we decided while we waited in the waiting room for our daughter to be born we would find a new hotel to stay in.  

We got to the hospital at about 7:45am so that we could meet Ashley and Deon in person before they went back for the c-section.  We had an instant connection with both of them.  I had been forming an amazing relationship with Ashley for 2 months by email so seeing her in person was amazing.  Meeting Deon was just as amazing.  They are both just great people and we love them so much.  So we found a super nice resort hotel to stay at for super duper cheap!  We ended up getting it for $27 a night and it is crazy awesome!  So nice and in a good area.

We sat in the waiting room eating snacks and watching spongebob squarepants.  We were having so much fun and the waiting didn't seem too long!  Then we got the is here and both mom and baby are doing great!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley was great.  She signed papers right away so that we could go in the nursery to see little Kaitlyn while she was in recovery.  We saw Kaitlyn come into the nursery.  (it was hard to miss her since she was 9 lbs 12 oz)  Chris and I both immediately started crying.  There was the little girl we had waited for for so long right in front of us and just absolutely perfect.  We watched her through the glass for almost 3 hours before we could hold her.  She was perfect and so sweet and we just fell in love with her.  Noah was so excited and couldn't wait to hold her too.  He has waited so long to be a big brother and now his dream came true.

They finally brought Ashley up to the 3rd floor and gave her a room.  We were able to go in and see her and Deon and that is where the hanging out began.  We stayed with them in the room a ton over the 3 days that they had to stay there.  It was never awkward or anything.  It was all so smooth and easy going.  Deon was so great.  He was taking care of Ashley go much.  The love that both Ashley and Deon have for sweet little Kaitlyn is indescribable.  They are amazing!  Kaitlyn is so lucky to have such amazing birthparents who wanted what was best for her and all they want is for her to be loved and have a great life.  They made the hardest sacrifice anyone could ever make.  They made a decision that many do not have the strength to make.  Their decision was to give their child the best.  Something that right now in their lives they cannot do.

I will forever be grateful for the love they have for Kaitlyn.  She is such a special little girl and has a ton of people who love her already!  We are so happy to have such an open adoption with them.  They have become so important to us and our love for them is indescribable.  We will always be so very grateful for the opportunity they have given us to grow our family and for Noah to be a big brother.  We are grateful that they love Kaitlyn so much that they wanted the best for her.  We are so grateful for the friendship we have formed with them.  Our belief is you can never have too many people to love you so the more open we are the more blessed we all are.  

Kaitlyn will always know how much her birth parents love her!  They will always be a part of our lives.  Kaitlyn will know them and love them and appreciate them just like we do!  We didn't just gain a daughter, we also gained two amazing friends who gave us the greatest gift anyone could give us!  

Ashley and Deon.....we LOVE you so much!  You may never know how blessed we feel to know you and to be part of your lives.  You have given us the greatest gift and we will forever be grateful for that! 

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