Monday, February 28, 2011

I can't wait for my trip to the beach..................

Here are some amazing pictures from TopSail beach, which is where we will be for a week in July this summer. I can't wait. I am a beach girl and Noah loves to ride the waves. Tanning oil, sunglasses, beach chair, and a good book=HEAVEN!
I can't wait to take some great shots at the beach too. Beach pictures are always the best.

Airline Tickets have been booked......

Noah and I are so ready for another great visit to Virginia (home) this summer. We are going home for 2 1/2 months and can't wait. While we are there we get to go to the beach for a week and many day trips, camping, to the pool, the Washington Zoo, and many other very fun activities. I also get to see my niece Lexi in her 1st dance recital. I can't wait to see all my family on both sides and just relax all summer. Chris is taking Spring classes and then has LDAC training with the ARMY in July so he is not coming with us. We will miss him but will keep busy Im sure.

Today I booked our tickets and now it is starting to feel like everything is coming together. I bought the cutest luggage set a few months ago for our trip. It is giraffe print with hot pink trim. IT IS ADORABLE!!! I love it. I obviously had to get Noah his own because he didn't want to carry on a Giraffe print bag. I guess that wouldn't be cool to make him carry that since he will be 10 years old in a month. Now he has a cool looking carry on that is all boy.

I am also going to be doing a lot of photography when I come home. I am completely booked all summer with tons of photography sessions and can't wait to use my new products and increase my talent.

Spending time with family is the most important part of this life and I am so excited that I get to meet two new additions this summer. My nephew Bentley was born last August and so I will get to meet him in person for the 1st time this summer. We skype often but holding him and kissing his sweet little face is something I am sooooooo looking forward to. I also have a new niece who will be joining our family in April. My sister in law Steph will be home with the baby in June so I will get to hold, kiss, and love on sweet little Addison while I am home too.

This summer is going to be so much fun. I am really looking forward to our trip and can't wait to catch up with great family and friends.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Basketball Season

Noah, my little all star. He is so good at basketball and really enjoys it too. He is just like his Uncle Adam, an athlete.

This was one of his games and he is headed down the court to make a shot.
Awesome layup Noah!!!!!

Catherine and Brayden come to visit Utah!

Here is a picture of me with two of my sister in laws, Jadey and Catherine. On Saturday night of Brayden and Catherine's visit, we meet in Salt Lake City for dinner with Josh and Jadey at Cafe Rio. It was so much fun and Catherine was finally able to meet Jadey.
Josh, Jadey, Catherine, and Brayden at dinner in Salt Lake City. Brayden was so full of life and I think he was having a good time.
On Saturday after Noah's basketball game we went to the Living Planet Aquarium and then hit Salt Lake City to visit Temple Square. (a must see if you come to Utah) It was fun to show them around and tell them a little about the history of this amazing Temple.
I love this picture. It just reminds me that Families can be Together Forever. What a blessing it is to know that.
Brayden and Catherine at the Conference Center, which is across the street from the Salt Lake Temple. President Hinckley was such a brilliant man to have such a building built. We were able to take a short tour of that as well.
Nemo and Dori LOL I love this picture. This was at the Living Planet Aquarium. I had so much fun there seeing all the different sea animals.
Noah and Brayden got to pet the sting rays. That is Noah's favorite part of going to that Aquarium.

I am so grateful that my sister in law and nephew could come and visit us in Utah so we could show them around our neighborhood. It was nice to see family and just hang out for a few days. I can't wait until we go home this summer for a little over 2 months to visit so that we can spend a ton of time with both sides of our family. I have a new nephew to meet and a new niece who will be arriving in about 10 weeks, so this summer will be filled with tons of family time for sure.
I haven't blogged since New Years????? Oh my, it has really been awhile. Anyways, I don't have any pictures to add right now (a surprise huh) but our family has had so many things going on over the past month.

Noah is in the second half of 4th grade and doing great. He is on the basketball team and loves playing. He has been having a lot of his friends over to play so my house has been very very loud and I have found myself just going to my room with the laptop to escape. We are in the process of planning his 10th birthday party which is coming up WAY TO FAST. He will turn 10 in April. Noah and I have enjoyed a lot of activities just him and I, like going to the Library. The Provo Library is awesome. We love going there to pick out great books and a few movies too. We have also gone to the movies quite a bit lately and really have enjoyed that.

I am working on my Criminology class and am LOVING IT! I love that kind of stuff so writing the papers for that class have been my absolute favorite. My algebra class SUCKS! I am doing well in it but I am not liking it too much. I only have about 9 1/2 months left until I have my associates degree. I can't wait. I am so happy that I chose to go back to school and prove to myself that I can do this. Our family is still praying for a baby to join our family soon, whether we get pregnant or adopt, we are just ready to expand.

Chris is loving the ROTC program right now. We have been so much happier since we made the decision to forgo Dental School and go straight into the ARMY. It is a great decision for our family. We will find out in October what Branch he gets and probably Dec or Jan will find out where we will be stationed. I am hoping overseas but we will see. I am so ready to start another new adventure with my family. Chris is still working at the BYU Library (which is another amazing library). This semester we have a lot more time together and Chris only has to miss one dinner with us a week. I am very grateful for that.

We have also had the pleasure of having my brother Josh come for dinner every Thursday night while his wife Jadey is at school. Jadey and I also get to hang out all day every Thursday until she leaves for class. I really have grown to love and appreciate her. She is an amazing sister in law. I am so blessed. I have 4 amazing sister in laws who are all my best friends. It is great. I never had any sisters growing up, but I feel like I have a swarm of them now.