Monday, June 4, 2012

Zion's National Park

We knew that Chris was leaving the beginning of June so we took a small vacation to St George Utah.  IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.  We went to Zion's National Park and did two hikes and it was amazing.  I am not the most athletic person but I am willing to try almost anything.  The first hike we took was the Emerald pools hike.  It has a lower, middle, and upper pools.  You cannot swim in any of them but they were so beautiful and it wasn't too tough either.

The above picture is when we made it to the upper pool.  It was nice and shaded (which was great after that long hike).  We had so much fun and talked a lot and just enjoyed each others company.

Our second hike was easier.  It was really pretty and the huge rocks narrowed the farther you walked which was neat.  There also was a part where you could wade in the water and it was so peaceful.  Chris and I sat on a rock and enjoyed each others company and the scenery (which was so quiet and in a way romantic) while Noah played in the water.

Just so you know...I HAVE THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!  Just blogging about our trip makes me miss him already so much.

We spent the night in a really nice hotel in St George.  We swam in the pool and got in the hot tub which was all surrounded with palm trees.  I didn't take my camera down to the pool but I should have.  It was beautiful. The next morning we got up and had breakfast and got ready for the day.  We drove around St George and looked at the big houses and then stopped by the St George LDS Temple.  It was breathtaking.  We got out and walked the grounds and just felt such peace and love being there knowing that we are a family forever.

When we were driving around we went on the top of one of the red rock mountains and got to see this view.  We then drove the 4 1/2 hours back to Provo, drinking monsters and laughing and just enjoying each other company.  It may have only been a two day trip but it was amazing!

And so it begins...

Well, as of yesterday Chris is officially active duty for the Army.  I have waited and been so excited for this point in our lives and now that it is here...well Im sad.  Yesterday Noah and I put Chris on a plane to South Carolina for 11 weeks of training.  That is totally across the country from us right now and I really don't like it.  It has been two days and one night and I feel so lonely already.  I am glad that this summer while he is in training we can talk every day.  Whoever invented Skype is now my best friend too.  It is so nice to see where he is staying and most of all get to see him everyday.  Good part of this is, the end of this month (3 weeks to be exact) we are going to South Carolina to spend a week with Chris.  I am so glad that my dad loves Chris like his own son because he has made the arrangements to be with Chris for a week this summer.  I also plan on visiting at some point this summer with his mom.  My mother in law is one of my best friends and so we are going to plan a road trip to go see him.  I am glad that Noah and I are going home in 2 weeks because I am very lonely.  Noah is so sweet and has been really good and that makes things better and easier.  He is taking over the "man of the house" role and it is too cute.  He is being extra caring and making sure I am okay and it makes me so proud of the young man he is becoming.

I salute all those women who have been through deployments or are going through a deployment right now. My 11 weeks may seem like nothing compared to their experience and I have a tremendous amount of respect for those strong women.  How they became so strong I may never know but I would like to know how they make it through.