Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have so many things to be thankful for this year. I am truly blessed. Here is a list of some of the things that I am thankful for:

*The gospel of Jesus Christ and his Atonement
*A loving husband who absolutely adores me
*A son who is one of the greatest boys I know
*Parents who love me no matter what and support me in all I do
*In Laws who are the greatest people I know
*Brothers, who might not always admit it, but they love me for me
*Sister in laws who have become my best friends
*Of course my dog, she is part of my wonderful family
*All of my nieces and nephews who brighten my day with just a simple smile
*My opportunity to get an education
*The fact that I get to be a stay at home mom
*My great friends who are always there for me; especially Sarah Banks and Emily Greenwald
*My house and the heat that we need this time of year
*The scriptures that guide and direct me through me life
*And of course Netflix for my back to back episodes of Law & Order (LOL)

I have so many other things to be thankful for but can't list them all. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and hope that everyone takes a few minutes to remember what they are Thankful for today!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Love my Army Man!

The Army and Air Force had a Presidential review on Veterans Day. I was fortunate not to have daycare kids that morning so I was able to attend and watch Chris participate in the color guard. He is so handsome and I am so proud of him.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Its that time of year again! Noah is now wrestling with the older kids which he loves. He is learning a lot, but of course thinks he already knows everything. What is with kids these days! LOL Anyways, he has wrestling every Tuesday and Thursday and he has so much fun. The way he smells when he comes home is HORRIBLE! Nasty sweaty boy smell. I love that kid, but sometimes I can't even hug him until he showers.

Trick or Treat, Smell my feet........

Well it started off as a nice day then turned into a rainy mess by about 4pm. The Banks family decided to go to the mall so we joined them. Trick or Treating at the mall is a great idea, but apparently every one else thinks so too. It was packed. We went around the mall and then decided to go back near our apartments and do some trick or treating. Well, from the mall to a couple blocks away from our house it starts to pour. We ended up at Red Robin (which was awesome). 5 kids at a kid table, 4 adults and a sleeping 2 year old at the Adult table. We all had a blast. Our waiter was amazing. Best I have ever had. Then when we went out to our cars it cleared up so we went door to door for a little bit and then went home. It was nice to hang out with great friends and watch the kids have tons of fun! A couple days before halloween Noah and I made a gingerbread haunted house. It was really cool. We also carved our pumpkin, which rotted very fast. Oh well, over all....October was an ok month!