Thursday, May 24, 2012


May has been a very lazy month for the Smith family.  Chris graduated in April and we had family come to town.  Once they left, well.......we really haven't done much.  Chris is leaving the beginning of June for South Carolina for BOLC and Noah and I don't take off for Virginia til the middle of June.  Since Chris doesn't have school or work what we do is take turns taking Noah to school each morning and then just hang out all day long.  It has been really nice.  I am taking full advantage of this time since he will be leaving soon for 11 weeks.  We stay up late and chit chat, we laugh, we watch movies, we cook, we clean, and Chris plays video game while I play the piano.  Yup some may say it sounds pretty lame but we are loving every single minute of it.

Chris was able to participate in Noah's school "FUN RUN" again this year.  They did awesome.  Noah had just gotten his braces on the day before so I was a little worried that his mouth would be bothering him and they wouldn't do so well but I was wrong.  They did awesome and had fun doing it together.
(Dad and Noah before the run)
(Noah and his friend Jence)
 (and they are off)
(almost done)
They did an amazing job and had fun doing it.  The we also had the school extravaganza which was a lot of fun too.  No pictures for that because Chris and I were running one of the game booths.  Noah was running around with some of his friends.  Chris and I had a blast with our game and had a few winners at our booth.  It was nice that we could help the school out and enjoy such a nice afternoon with a ton of other families.  Now we just look forward to our Memorial Day picnic with great friends and family and then our family trip to Zion's National Park.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates!