Sunday, July 10, 2011

Topsail Beach Vacation

We are at Topsail Beach in North Carolina for a week. It is so nice being back on the East Coast and playing at the beach. Noah rented a surfboard for the week with his left over birthday money. He is doing really well although he does get a little frustrated at times. He was able to stand up on the board the 1st day we got the board.

Noah is such a great athlete. He is so good at almost every sport and picks the skills up easily. Well same with surfing. He is doing so well. I have enjoyed photographing him while he tries it out. I think by the end of the week he will have it down pretty well.
Here he is waxing up his board. He is having so much fun. There is nothing better than a summer vacation at the beach for a week.

Nice to be home in Virginia!

Well since we have been back in Virginia we have been super busy. Hanging out with all the cousins and eating a ton of Mexican food has been so much fun. While Lexi was at her dance recital I was able to watch Brayden and Emma and we played really hard. Ok Ok They played hard and I just took pictures of them.
The above picture is of me (forgive the nasty hair but it was so hot and the humidity was killing me) holding and meeting my nephew Bentley for the first time. He is super adorable and such a happy baby. He came right to me and didn't cry. I was surprised.
Noah and I have had the privilege of taking my dad to and from work on Fort Lee so that we can have the van for the day to do whatever we want. One day we went to the skate park which was awesome and the batting cages on Post. Noah had a blast.

Of course spending time at the pool is an all time favorite of mine. Noah and I have been going to the pool almost every day since we have been here.
This was the kids table at El Caporel the 1st night we got in.

I love being home with my family and eating at my favorite Mexican restaurants, but Im missing home in Utah too. I have great friends there that I miss and I really like the no humidity thing. Oh well, better enjoy this time I have with my family cause the time is going by so fast.