Monday, September 26, 2011


 So we went to the BYU vs. UCF game last Friday.  Since this might be our last chance for awhile to go to a BYU game we decided we needed to go to at least one.  Traffic was crazy like usual and so Chris dropped me and Noah off so we could meet up with some old friends while he parked the car.  While we were chatting with the Thompsons some of the BYU cheerleaders were getting dropped off.  Of course we had to ask if we could get a picture with them.  Noah was so excited but was trying to act all cool.  He has been talking about it ever since.  He was thrilled.
 As always when we go to a BYU game Noah and I go to the bookstore to get new shirts and other fun things.  The BYU finger was one of them this year.  Noah wore the thing through the whole game except for when he was eating.  By the way, the Cougar dogs are so yummy! 
 Before we left for the game Noah let me paint a white and a blue Y on each cheek.  We are proud Cougars!

 Chris loved the game.  It is always so much fun to spend time as a family screaming for our Cougs.  I am not a big football fan but there is something about being in the stadium with all the crazy fans that make you want to scream and shout.  I was so into the game.
 Me and my little man.  I didn't realize how big my sunglasses were until this picture.  I LOVE THEM.  The bigger the better, right?

 After the game, Chris had to go with the other Army ROTC cadets to do stadium cleanup.  That's right, they have to clean up all the mess that the fans didn't want to throw away themselves.  Slackers.  Anyway, so Noah and I decided we would just walk home since the stadium is so close to our apartments.  So I told Noah to follow me.  I didn't want to tell him what I was doing cause I didn't know if we would be able to and I didn't want him to be upset if we couldn't.  BUT WE DID........PICTURES WITH THREE BYU FOOTBALL PLAYERS!  How awesome is that.  They were all very nice and asked what Noah's name was and were happy to have their picture taken with my little man.  Best night ever!
 So the whole walk home Noah was talking about how awesome the game was and how awesome it was to get his picture taken with the cheerleaders and the football players.  I must say the night turned out to be a success.  The game was close but we won. 
I am really gonna miss when we move away from here.  We have had so many amazing opportunities and experiences while we have been here.  I feel so blessed.